Rap and Freestyle Hip Hop Artist

Have released some of my Freestyle Hip Hop mp3 tracks for you to download

You can download and listen to the FREE samples, and once ordered you will get an email instantly with the download link

Hip Hop Music and Rap Artist

Releasing some of my Free Style Rap tracks for your entertainment

Listen to the available FREE samples, and order them to download them from your mailbox instantly

Hi and welcome, music has always been a passion of mine, and I have horned my skills from an early age, using music as my platform to express my views on society. I am currently an unsigned rap artist, working on my latest album, I encourage you to enjoy some of my sample tracks which I have placed with a direct link to the sample, you are free to listen to the equivalent sample track, and order each mp3 track for 0.99 via Paypal. They will be delivered directly to your email address for direct download. I have also released some of tracks and my collaboration with other music artists on iTunes for you to check out. Do feel free to contact me via the contact link, I eagerly await responses from my fans